by David Klemt

CDC Updates Mask, Gathering Guidance

by David Klemt

Vials of Covid-19 vaccine

On the heels of some states rescinding mask mandates, the Centers for Disease Control updates safety guidelines.

The CDC’s guidance focuses on vaccinated people.

Key Changes

Per the CDC, people who are vaccinated can meet indoors with one another. These indoor meetings can take place without masks.

Of particular note, the CDC says these people can meet up indoors with one unvaccinated household as long as they’re at “low risk” of serious illness.

Equally interesting, the latest guidance claims that if a fully vaccinated person is exposed to someone with Covid-19, they don’t need to quarantine if they’re not showing symptoms.

Importantly, these guidelines address fully vaccinated people, not those awaiting their second shot.

Masks & Public Gatherings

The CDC still recommends masks, social distancing, avoiding crowds, and staying away from spaces with poor ventilation.

Those who are fully vaccinated should exercise those recommendations whenever they’re in public; gathering with people are unvaccinated from more than a single household; meeting with anyone with increased risk of severe illness or death should they be infected with Covid-19.

Vaccinated or not, the CDC recommends people avoid medium- or large-sized gatherings and domestic and international travel.

Workplaces should still follow CDC guidance for employees not working exclusively from home.

Important Details

The CDC says a person is “fully vaccinated” if they meet one of two criteria:

  • It has been two weeks since they’ve received their second dose of a two-dose Covid-19 vaccination (Moderna, Pfizer, for example).
  • It has been two weeks since they’ve received a single-dose vaccine (example: Johnson & Johnson).

Anyone who needs to receive a second shot isn’t fully vaccinated. The same holds true if it has been less than two weeks since being vaccinated.

Per the CDC webpage: Everyone, “even people who’ve had their vaccines—should continue taking basic prevention steps when recommended.”

Click here to review the CDC’s new guidance. Remember that health and safety  protect yourself, your staff, your guests and your community.

Image: torstensimon from Pixabay