by David Klemt

US Operators, Take Action Today

by David Klemt

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Today is the day to let Congress know the clock has run out on our patience for them act on replenishing the RRF.

In all honesty, the industry’s tolerance for governmental inaction on the RRF ran out last year. Right around the time, I’d say, the RRF application portal closed, leaving almost 200,000 applicants without crucial grants. As a reminder, the portal closed after just 21 days of launching.

Today is the National Day of Action to Save Restaurants. The Independent Restaurant Coalition is leading the charge for this campaign.

To participate, follow the IRC on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Additionally, click here to sign up for their emails. Spread the word and encourage staff, guests, your family members, and friends to take part as well.

Below you’ll find more details for taking action to #SaveRestaurants and #SaveBars today and moving forward.

Industry Advocacy

The IRC has been fighting and advocating for the industry since the start of the pandemic. Today, they’re asking owners, operators, workers in all segments of the industry, communities, and guests to throw their support behind this crucial fight.

So, today is the day to inundate your representatives with phone calls. Dial this number to reach the Capitol switchboard: 202-224-3121. The IRC provides state-specific fact sheets, which can be found here.

For an example of what you’ll find on a state’s fact sheet, here are some details for Nevada:

  • The leisure and hospitality industry accounts for 87.6 percent of all jobs lost in the state.
  • In Nevada, the industry is worth $9.9 billion, with 5,980 restaurants and bars throughout the state.

Those are just two pertinent facts about the industry in Nevada.

Along with phone calls, people should contact their representatives via email. Follow this link to email Congress and tell them to replenish the RRF.

Send a Message

Of course, social media will also play an important part in today’s campaign. Flooding Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other channels with #SaveRestaurants, #SaveBars, and #ReplenishRRF should get Congress’ attention in a very public, very newsworthy way.

Click here to access the IRC’s social media and website toolkit.

It’s time to let Congress know we’re doing waiting for action. We’re done with the lip service, platitudes, and empty words of support. And we’re done with the broken promises, disarray, and inaction.

Personally, I plan on once again letting my state representatives know that I’m watching. Those who don’t do their jobs and help replenish the RRF won’t be receiving my vote. I can’t support those who won’t support us. Whether you want to send that message is up to you.

Today, however, make your voice heard and send at least this message: We demand Congress acts now.

Image: Rohan G on Unsplash