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Golf Courses + Casinos + Bowling Alleys + Axe Throwing + Interactive Gaming + Theatres + Stadiums + Other Entertainment Venues


The primary solutions of market feasibility studies plus concept development plans and business plans provided by KRG Hospitality, are considered a gold standard in the industry and provide a reliable & thorough evaluation of the full potential of your proposed development project or real estate property acquisition.

Feasibility Study

+ Analyzing & Comparing Market Areas & Tourism/Leisure (local, regional, international)

+ Developing Consumer Profiles by Analyzing Demographics & Socio-Graphics

+ Compiling & Analyzing Required Gaming & Entertainment Trends and Market Needs

+ Identifying Concept + Budgets + Ideal Size of Location Based on Completed Analysis

+ Measuring Start-up Costs & Financial Potential Against Industry Standards

Conceptual Development

+ Development of a Brand Guide for Your Entire Venue and Any Amenities

+ Development of Logo, Visuals, Colors & Fonts for Venue & Amenities

+ Identifying Architecture Needs Plus Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment

+ Identifying Interior & Exterior Concepts; F&B, Gaming, Retail, Events Etc.

+ Completion of a Scaled 2-D Prototype Drawing w/ Ideal Layout of Entire Property

Strategic Business Plan

+ Competitive Landscapes & Operations Plan for Entire Venue + Any Separate Amenities

+ Complete Marketing Plan & Detailed Customer Journey Map(s) for Venue

+ Brand Activation Plan & Required Stack of Technology for Your Entire Venue

+ Strategic Goals, Revenue Channels, Guest Experience Strategies, Return On Investment(s)

+ Financial Playbook w/ a Minimum Ten Years of Financial Statements

KRG Hospitality offers project management, which includes on-site owner representation, design and development oversight, F.F.E. procurement and scheduling, F&B menu testing and programming, leadership onboarding and training, soft-opening oversight, and more.


Upon the completion of the above plans, you have the option of onboarding KRG Hospitality to help manage your project with a focus on the following deliverables:

+ On-Site Scouting w/ Local Agents & Brokers

+ Consulting on Final Drawings w/ Local Designers

+ Assisting with On-Boarding of Local Contractors

+ Renovation Budgeting, Timelines, and Issue Support

+ Consulting on Sourcing & Scheduling of F.F.E.

+ Consulting on Sound, Video, Gaming Equipment

+ Consulting on F&B Plus Entertainment Programming

+ Consulting on Sourcing & Scheduling of Tech-Stack

+ Consulting on Supply Chain Mgmt. System

+ Consulting on Staff Structuring and Organization

+ Consulting on Staff/Guest Engagement Programs

+ Consulting on the Onboarding of Leadership Team

+ Consulting on Revenue Channels & Pricing

+ On-Site Staff Orientation & Soft Opening Support

KRG Hospitality Project Add-Ons


If you are seeking additional turn-key style support, the following list can be added on to any coaching, consulting, or project management program or chosen separately on their own:

+ F&B Menu and Recipe Development Package

+ Standard Operating Procedure & Training Program

+ On-Site Bar / Kitchen / Service Training Package

+ Post-Opening Coaching Programs

+ Additional Graphic Design Packages

+ Customized Website / App Development Package

+ Social Media Setup and Training Package

+ On-Site Workshops for You and Your Team


KRG Hospitality Hourly Consulting Retainers


KRG Momentum Coaching