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Golf + Gaming + Sports & Entertainment

KRG Provides The Studies, Plans, & Guest Experiences You Need!

Golf, Gaming, and Sports & Entertainment

From golf courses to casinos, bowling alleys, axe throwing, interactive gaming, theatres, and other sports & entertainment venues, KRG Hospitality assists clients in the development process of new or emerging projects by providing specialized knowledge of key markets throughout North America.


The primary solutions of market feasibility studies plus concept development plans and business plans provided by KRG Hospitality, are considered a gold standard in the industry and provide a reliable & thorough evaluation of the full potential of your proposed development project or real estate property acquisition.

Feasibility Study

+ Analyzing & Comparing Market Areas & Tourism/Leisure (local, regional, international)

+ Developing Consumer Profiles by Analyzing Demographics & Socio-Graphics

+ Compiling & Analyzing Required Gaming & Entertainment Trends and Market Needs

+ Determining Concept + Budgets + Ideal Size of Location Based on Completed Analysis

+ Measuring Start-up Costs & Financial Potential Against Industry Standards

Conceptual Development

+ Development of a Brand Guide for Your Entire Venue and Any Amenities

+ Development of Logo, Visuals, Colors & Fonts for Venue & Amenities

+ Detailed Breakdown of Architecture Needs & Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment

+ Development of All Interior & Exterior Concepts; F&B, Gaming, Retail, Events Etc.

+ Completion of a Scaled 2-D Prototype Drawing w/ Ideal Layout of Entire Property

Strategic Business Plan

+ Competitive Landscapes & Operations Plan for Entire Venue + Any Separate Amenities

+ Complete Marketing Plan & Detailed Customer Journey Map(s) for Venue

+ Brand Activation Plan & Required Stack of Technology for Your Entire Venue

+ Strategic Goals, Revenue Channels, Guest Experience Strategies, Return On Investment(s)

+ Financial Playbook w/ a Minimum Ten Years of Financial Statements


Once the planning phase is completed, reviewed, and signed-off, the next step of location scouting and site development or remodel is required, where KRG Hospitality will collaborate with local & regional vendors.

+ Site Scouting w/ Local Agents & Brokers

+ Final Drawings & Permits w/ Local Architects

+ On-Boarding of Local Contractors and Trades

+ Sourcing Long-Term Project Management Solutions


Aligning with the above tasks, schedules, and project management solutions, KRG Hospitality is able to lead, facilitate, or hand-hold throughout the following milestones leading to the successful opening of your sports or entertainment property:

+ Development of On-Site Event Programming

+ Development of Entire F&B Programming

+ Development of Customer Engagement Programs

+ Sourcing & Scheduling F.F.E Package w/ Designers

+ Developing Revenue Channels & Pricing Strategies

+ Story-Telling Through Graphic Design

+ Custom Website/App Development

+ Online Booking System Setup

+ Social Media & Digital Marketing Setup

+ Detailed Staff Organization Plan

+ Development of On-Boarding Program

+ Standard Operating Procedures

+ Development of a Training Program

+ All Required Checklists & Templates

+ Hiring of Your Leadership Team

+ Grand Opening Management & More!


+ Hourly Retainer Consulting (10, 20, 40+ Hrs)

+ 14 Day Operational Assessments; 12 Month Plan

+ Rebrand + Repositioning Strategy & Execution

+ Quarterly Secret Guest Programs

+ On-Site or Remote Workshops For Your Team