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Start-Up & Emerging Boutique Resorts & Hotels

KRG Provides The Studies, Plans, & Guest Experiences You Need!

Boutique Resorts & Hotels

From city centres to inspiring getaways, KRG Hospitality assists clients in the development process for new or emerging hotel and resort projects by providing specialized knowledge of key markets.

KRG Hospitality’s highly experienced, professional team has earned an impeccable reputation and is recognized for its high level of credibility among boutique hotel operators, international resorts, private investors, financial institutions, and major real estate developers.


The primary solutions of market feasibility studies plus concept development plans and business plans provided by KRG Hospitality, are considered a gold standard in the industry and provide a reliable & thorough evaluation of the full potential of a proposed development project or real estate property acquisition.

Feasibility Study

+ Analyzing market areas & tourism (local, regional, international)

+ Developing consumer profiles by analyzing demographics & socio-graphics

+ Compiling & analyzing required hotel & hospitality trends and market needs

+ Measuring start-up costs & financial potential against industry standards

Conceptual Development

+ Development of brand requirements and characteristics

+ Detailed breakdown of architecture needs & furniture, fixtures, equipment

+ Development of ammenity concepts incl. Rooms, F&B, Wellness, Retail, Events

+ Completion of a scaled 2-D prototype drawing with ideal layout of entire venue

Strategic Business Plan

+ Competitive landscapes, team development, brand differentiation

+ Strategic goals, revenue channels, room management, return on investment

+ Financial package w/ ten years of financial statements

+ Mock schedules, foot traffic analysis, room analysis, P&L, cash-flow, and contingency plans



Drawings & Permits

+ Sourcing Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers

+ Consulting on Final Design & Operational Flow

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Project Management

+ Hiring of Project Management Teams

+ Organizing & fascilitating all start-up tasks


Outside of the three initial plans, KRG Hospitality also provides operational assessments complete with an action plan plus brand development, marketing, and guest experience strategies in addition to our full suite of restaurant, bar, & lounge solutions.

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Brand Development

+ Development of brand guide

+ Logo design & core values

+ Marketing plan & brand activation



+ Final equipment spec consulting

+ Assisting in hotel room FFE

+ Programming all F&B layouts


System Development

+ Detailed staff organization plan

+ Standard operating procedures

+ All required checklists & templates


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Hourly Consulting 

+ 10, 20, 40 Hour Packages Available


Monthly Coaching

+ Delivering results & accountability

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Operational Assessments

+ 7 Day Assessment & 12 Month Action Plan To Regain Focus, Revenue, & Profits

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No matter the property size; complete start to finish solutions for your new, expanding, or re-branded fine dining, fast casual, ghost kitchen, or quick-serve restaurant, or local cafe – resulting in a successful and profitable concept!


Complete start to finish solutions including award-winning beverage programs are available from idea stage to grand opening & beyond for your new, expanding, or re-branded bar/pub, night/day club, brew-pub, or sports bar.


Feasibility studies, conceptual planning, business planning, brand development, guest experience strategies, and food & beverage programs for your casino, golf course, bowling alley, or other entertainment venue.