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Start-Up Coaching

Receive an approachable advisor who will guide you and your project through its most difficult stage

“As a new restauranteur, I was looking for a coach to give me the confidence I needed going into a post COVID-19 market. I found exactly what I was looking for in Doug Radkey and KRG Hospitality. His expertise in the industry far exceeded my expectations and has provided me with the resources to succeed and thrive. I am beyond grateful for the coaching he has provided to date and would recommend him highly to anyone searching for guidance through the start-up stage.”

– Carol, The Pinery, Orlando Florida

Owning a hospitality business may look great on paper, but starting a hospitality business can be really quite stressful.

There are what seem to be endless hours of planning. There are numerous third-parties involved. There are often hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake, and there are over 500 unique tasks to complete.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first, fifth, or twentieth project—it’s important to be both prepared and organized.

There is, in fact, a science to this!

If you’re looking for an alternative to our strategic turnkey planning and project management solutions, KRG Momentum is for you: a unique, coaching-style program that helps you keep your start-up project moving forward.

  • Receive an approachable advisor for you and your project. They’ll review and navigate your start-up questions and challenges, and be your compass to provide you with a clear path towards a successful opening.
  • Weekly 1-on-1 video/phone sessions with access to a private calendar: a weekly session in which we evaluate the past week and define required actions for the next week with a focus on budgets, timelines, and industry-specific “consulting”.
  • Your dedicated advisor is also available for second opinions and the review of: business plans, location, concept, branding, layouts, equipment, menu, service, technology, labor, culture, financial optimization, system development, operations, marketing, and overall strategic clarity.
  • Your advisor will help you see the blind spots throughout your project, positioning you to maintain your budget and desired opening date.
  • Your advisor will help you make strong educated decisions throughout your start-up project that will have a positive impact on the successful start of your restaurant, bar or hospitality brand.
  • And finally, your advisor will coach you so you become more confident, energized, and motivated about your opening while holding you accountable and helping you become a better leader through the creation of personal habits, self-care, communication methods, and decision-making processes.

Schedule a call below for more information. Or, if you’re looking for a more hands-on approach where we develop the winning plans and property for you (and with you), we invite you to learn more by choosing your preferred option: Restaurants & Cafes + Bars & Lounges + Boutique Hotel Properties + Golf, Gaming & Entertainment Venues.


Complete start to finish solutions for your new, expanding, or re-branded fine dining, fast casual, virtual kitchen, quick-serve restaurant, or local cafe – resulting in a successful and profitable concept!


Complete start to finish solutions including award-winning beverage programs are available from idea stage to grand opening & beyond for your new, expanding, or re-branded bar/pub, night/day club, brew-pub, or sports bar.


From start-up to emerging boutique resorts and hotel brands, KRG Hospitality provides the studies, plans and guest experiences you need


From golf courses to gaming and sports and entertainment complexes, KRG Hospitality provides the studies, plans and guest experiences you need