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KRG Momentum

What’s behind the success of thriving operators?

It’s not magic — it’s momentum.

Our KRG Momentum program is a coaching system designed to help you build momentum not just professionally but also personally. Positive thinking and energy are byproducts of the success momentum brings you – improving your project, brand, and personal life.

KRG Momentum is designed to make you more confident in your decision making, improve your clarity to help you move forward, enhance your communication, and improve your work-life balance.

Working 1-on-1 with a KRG coach will give you the tools to counteract stress, anxiety, and many other pain points along with the sleepless nights those emotions often bring with them.

KRG Momentum is a 1-on-1 subscription-based coaching program that focuses on two unique paths:

Doug Radkey Hospitality Restaurant Coach KRG

Goal Setting. Accountability. Strategic Clarity.

Working directly with hospitality veteran, Doug Radkey, we will review and navigate your start-up questions and challenges, and be your compass throughout the most difficult months ahead. This program will reduce stress levels and build confidence, balance, and a clear path towards a successful opening.

  • Receive weekly 1-on-1 video/phone sessions with access to a private calendar: a weekly session in which we evaluate the past week and define required actions for the next week with a focus on budgets, timelines, and industry-specific consulting.
  • Doug will be available for second opinions and the review of: business plans, location, concept, branding, layouts, equipment, menu, service, technology, labor, culture, financial optimization, system development, operations, marketing, and overall strategic clarity.
  • Doug will help you see the blind spots throughout your project, positioning you to maintain your budget and desired opening date.
  • Doug will help you make strong educated decisions throughout your start-up project that will have a positive impact on the successful start of your restaurant, bar or hospitality brand.
Jennifer Radkey Life Coach Restaurant Hospitality KRG

Work/Life Balance. Core Values. Time Mgmt.

Working directly with Certified Life Coach, Jennifer Radkey, you will obtain the guidance you need to obtain significant work/life balance during not only the start-up stage, but post-opening as well.

  • Jennifer will help identify ‘the why’ behind your brand through the development of your core values to avoid confusion and indecisiveness throughout the start-up and stability stage.
  • Jennifer will help discover what a balanced life looks like and what that means for you. This program will help you create goals and achieve the balance you need thereby positioning you to maintain healthy lifestyles and relationships while building a successful business.
  • Jennifer will help develop unique self-care programs to avoid that dreaded sense of burnout. She will help you identify the opportunities and explain why it is important which will then help you prioritize and implement these more personalized systems.


“As a new restauranteur, I was looking for a coach to give me the confidence I needed going into a post COVID-19 market. I found exactly what I was looking for in Doug Radkey and KRG Hospitality. His expertise in the industry far exceeded my expectations and has provided me with the resources to succeed and thrive. I am beyond grateful for the coaching he has provided to date and would recommend him highly to anyone searching for guidance through the start-up stage.”

– Carol, The Pinery, Orlando Florida

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