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How We - Can Help YOU!

Has your restaurant, bar or hospitality business been devasted by the effects of Covid-19? If you’re feeling lost or uncertain about your future, then stay with KRG Hospitality where we will provide you with the exact steps you need to go from crisis to confidence.

If you’re worried about what’s in store for 2021, the continuation of government mandates, the amount of debt building up, the need to extract yourself out of ‘survival mode’ – we’re here to help you.

We have developed a quick turn-around program that is customized to your specific needs, concept, and market area that will help you navigate the effects of this pandemic and position you to come out of it – even stronger! The time is now to think opportunity, think big, and think solutions!

Start now by booking a free, no obligation, 60 minute introductory strategy session with hospitality consultant, Doug Radkey.

From there, the choice is yours. You can develop an action plan or we can develop one for you to follow. Our action plan includes:

  • A revised concept, business, & marketing plan
  • A revised brand positioning strategy plan
  • New cleaning & food safety systems
  • Menu engineering strategies
  • Labor management strategies
  • Development of on/off-premise strategies
  • Contingency plan for next 12 months
  • Financial budgets + forecasts for next 12 months

A strategy plan is only effective if it is properly executed. From there, our continuity phase includes six 1-hour phone or video ‘coaching’ calls for the next 6 months to review KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), set objectives, review the previous months goals, determine active challenges, and develop accountability.

Our Response to Covid-19

The Covid-19 Pandemic undoubtedly hurt the restaurant, bar, travel, and tourism industry (among many others).

At KRG Hospitality, we immediately pivoted in March 2020 into ‘rescue mode’, understanding the immediate needs of so many independent operators.

By March 20th, we had led and developed an international task-force of 20 industry experts that put together a series of in-depth ‘survival kits’.

The mission was simple; “to help the hospitality industry assess, pivot, and find demand while developing continuity during the most difficult of times.”

The free resources were downloaded by over 2,000 restaurants & bars throughout the World.

Outside of this resource, Doug Radkey and KRG Hospitality also initiated:

– A Free Educational Webinar Series Titled   “Turning Crisis in Confidence” Which You Can Access By Scheduling a Free Strategy Session

– Donating 100 + Hours of 1-on-1 Post-Pandemic Strategy Sessions and Coaching Over Zoom Video Calls (more info below)

– Contributing To & Supporting World Central Kitchen, Save-Hospitality, One-Table, The Independent Restaurant Coalition, and Hospitality For Hope Programs in North America.

– Speaking at 10+ Digital Conferences and Being Interviewed on a Number of Radio Channels, Podcasts, and Video Series While Contributing Written Educational Content to Our Media Partners.

Between March 2020 and now – we have helped so many owners, managers, and front-line staff in this industry – and we want to help you next.

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No matter the property size; complete start to finish solutions for your new, expanding, or re-branded fine dining, fast casual, virtual kitchen, or quick-serve restaurant, or local cafe – resulting in a successful and profitable concept!


Complete start to finish solutions including award-winning beverage programs are available from idea stage to grand opening & beyond for your new, expanding, or re-branded bar/pub, night/day club, brew-pub, or sports bar.


Feasibility studies, conceptual planning, business planning, brand development, guest experience strategies, food & beverage programs, and operational assessments for your independent and boutique style hotel or resort property.


Feasibility studies, conceptual planning, business planning, brand development, guest experience strategies, and food & beverage programs for your casino, golf course, bowling alley, or other entertainment venue.