Take Your Hotel / Bar / Restaurant

To An Entirely New Level!

Strategic Clarity Program

If your bar, restaurant, or hotel business has been operating for a minimum of one year and you’re:

– it likely means that your business is starting to lose the essence of strategic clarity.

The KRG Strategic Clarity Program provides your bar, restaurant, or hotel brand with the ability to clearly define, quickly adapt, effectively communicate, and properly implement a series of strategies that will stabilize your hospitality business not only now, but for the foreseeable future.

The KRG Strategic Clarity Program reassures, motivates, and inspires you and your team towards a common end goal; a scalable, sustainable, memorable, profitable, and consistent business.

Since 2009, KRG Hospitality has positioned numerous brands up for success, leading to 15-20% profit margins for bars and restaurants and 25-35% for boutique hotels along with reduced labor turnover, improved staff engagement, increased brand awareness, and productive time away from the business – leading to a more balanced lifestyle.

Due to the intense service levels of this program – we only accept ten brands per year and we’re now accepting opportunities for 2024.

How Does The Program Work?

We first complete an in-depth assessment of your brand and its location(s). This assessment is completed with a hybrid approach of on-site and off-site analysis and includes the following touch-points:

From there, you will receive a full assessment report along with a series of strategic recommendations which we will go over within two-weeks of the assessment start-date.

12-Months of Coaching & Consulting

We don’t believe (and neither should you) in ‘quick’ or 30-day band-aid solutions that simply unravel over-time. After a review of the assessment and recommendations, the KRG Strategic Clarity team will meet with you for 52 weeks to guide you through plan execution while answering questions and holding you and your team accountable. How does each month look?


Schedule a call below to see if you and your bar, restaurant, or hotel qualifies for this program. The time is now for you and your brand to have access to a team of industry leading consultants who are passionate about your success. Are you ready to level-up your business?

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