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"Integrity, transparency, and quality of service are just a few of the values our clients are known to choose us for"

Here is the creative and cultivated team that drives results!

Doug Radkey, KRG Hospitality president and co-founder

Doug Radkey

Strategist + Design + Project Mgr.

1-866-575-9552 Ext 800

Doug Radkey’s impressive career spans more than 25 years and includes all aspects of food, beverage, and hospitality development. During this time, he has become a thought leader within the industry while completing over 250 individual strategy plans for bars, restaurants, and hotels and being the project manager for dozens of start-up projects throughout North America. Doug not only works ‘behind the scenes’ of today’s leading hospitality brands as the President and lead consultant for KRG Hospitality, but is an internationally recognized speaker, industry columnist, and 2x published author.

He has spoken at a variety of industry shows, including the Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas, The New York Restaurant & Food Service Show, The Western Food Service & Hospitality Show (LA), The Foodservice & Lodging Show in Orlando, and The Canadian Restaurant & Bar Show in Toronto, among others. He has been featured as an industry expert in many regional newspapers along with The Today Show by NBC Networks while writing featured articles for all of your favorite industry magazines. Doug also wrote and published (2018) ‘Bar Hacks’; a powerhouse of a book for anyone looking to start-up or improve upon their bar or restaurant. As a follow-up, Doug also wrote and published (2021) ‘Hacking the New Normal’; hitting the reset button on the hospitality industry.

Each and every project by KRG Hospitality is overseen and personally signed-off by Doug Radkey, providing you with the confidence that both your dream and your investment, is carefully considered and efficiently taken-care of.

Jennifer Radkey, KRG Hospitality Mindset Coach

Jennifer Radkey

Mindset Coach, CLC

1-866-575-9552 Ext 804

There’s no secret – Jennifer is the glue that hold KRG Hospitality Inc. together. Her passion for people, business, and hospitality is why she’s our sought-after mindset coach along with being the Vice President of Operations.

A Certified Life Coach (CLC) and holding a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors, Jennifer worked for 10+ years in management positions before starting KRG Hospitality with Doug in 2009 and going on to expand her passion for wellness through studying Positive Psychology and obtaining her life coach certification. She now provides one-on-one coaching to KRG’s clients focusing in on the areas of work/life balance, clarity, and mindset.

Her organizational and communication skills paired with her warmth and true care for the well-being and success of others cannot be taught and is what makes her a true asset to the team.

David Klemt, KRG Hospitality Director of Business Development

David Klemt

Content + Business Dev.

1-866-575-9552 Ext 801

David Klemt has been reporting on and writing about the hospitality industry since 2006. After serving in the U.S. Air Force, David arrived in one of the global capitols of hospitality: Las Vegas.

Within just a couple of years of moving to Las Vegas, David co-founded a valet company that served a specific property along with special events. He then became the lead writer and managing editor of a publication called Vegas Party Life in 2006. As a hospitality and nightlife journalist in one of the hottest markets in the world, David constantly sought to educate himself about the business. He maintains his voracious curiosity about every aspect of the industry today. In 2012, David was hired as a freelance journalist and contributor to cover the annual Nightclub & Bar Conference & Trade Show. He accepted a full-time position with Nightclub & Bar in 2015, becoming editor for digital platform shortly after coming on board. Over the course of five years, David developed an impressive network of international hospitality professionals consisting of chain and independent owners, operators, bartenders, chefs, educators, brand ambassadors, consultants, influencers, and more.

In 2020, David joined the KRG team and is eager to grow the KRG Hospitality network and help owners and operators thrive in the new era of hospitality. He is also the host of our Bar Hacks podcast and will be generating informative content with the goal of helping hospitality professionals hone their skills, further their careers, and create their own opportunities.

Jared Boller, KRG Hospitality Master Mixologist for North America

Jared Boller

Master Mixologist

1-866-575-9552 Ext 803

Boller’s creativity, passion, and humility as a professional mixologist have led him on a journey around the globe. Boller has established himself as an industry leader through winning numerous cocktail competitions and setting up award winning beverage programs in restaurants, bars, hotels, and casinos in major markets such as Denver, New York, Florida, Toronto.

With a growing list of accolades and numerous publications to his name, he most recently spent 3 years as the National Whiskey Ambassador for Proximo spirits before joining KRG Hospitality. Boller prides himself on educating consumers and future bartenders on the artistry of the bar and providing history lessons to everyone that will listen. Boller would love to share with you his extensive knowledge of setting up award winning beverage programs and sharing knowledge on the art of ‘Mixology.’

Kim Richardson, KRG Hospitality Hospitality Consultant

Kim Richardson

Hospitality / Hotel Consultant

1-866-575-9552 Ext 802

Kim Richardson, who has more than 23 years of experience in the hotel and restaurant industry, is excited to bring all her hospitality industry knowledge and experience to KRG Hospitality.

From Five Diamond Hotels to brick-and-mortar restaurants, Richardson has had her hands in the hospitality scene since moving to the Philadelphia region in 2003. With an admiration for the industry since a very young age, she has a passion for all things hospitality. Most importantly, Richardson brings with her a passion and eagerness to help grow the industry and lead others to success.

“There’s nothing more rewarding than understanding a client’s dream, perfecting it, and bringing that vision to life.”

Nathen Dube, KRG Hospitality

Nathen Dube

Executive Chef

1-866-575-9552 Ext 805

Nathen Dubé carries with him 20 years of experience in hospitality, leadership, and culinary excellence. His background stands strong, bringing a wealth of industry experience alongside an analytical skillset that is welcomed by both KRG Hospitality – and our client base.

Nathen has the responsibility of researching, analyzing, conceptualizing, and strategically aligning our clients’ most important assets — their kitchen, their menu, and their team.

Nathen has earned his Red Seal Chef Certification, his Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Athabasca University, and his Business Diploma from Algonquin College in Finance, Marketing, Economics, and Accounting.

Nathen brings with him a positive attitude and mindful patience to bar & restaurant development, knowing that every client and every potential award-winning concept, deserves the level of care and dedication our clients have come to know us for.

Why KRG Hospitality?

KRG Hospitality is a storied brand that has proven success over the past decade, delivering exceptional and award-winning concepts throughout a variety of markets found within Canada, the United States, and abroad since 2009.

The simple fact is, at KRG Hospitality—we listen.

We listen to our clients, to our industry, and to potential trends, threats, and opportunities. We take that detailed insight and provide a high level of cultivated creativity.

At KRG Hospitality, we specialize in early stage concepts and emerging hospitality brands (with 1-15 locations) to help them unleash their full potential. Drawing on years of experience and a growing industry-wide network, we take the time to understand your unique dreams and challenges to develop precise solutions.

We also believe strongly in originality and innovation. There is no ‘cookie cutter’ approach provided here. It is never just ‘another project’ for us.

At KRG Hospitality, we provide you with a clear framework that’s tailored for each client: writing detailed strategic plans, creating award-winning concepts, facilitating start-up projects, finding gaps in existing strategy, developing solutions to known problems, recognising opportunities for growth, and inspiring others through our unique seminars, workshops, and on-going coaching methods.

We work with you and your vision to guide you to the best possible final outcome: a scalable, sustainable, profitable, memorable, and consistent business—all of the characteristics needed to win in this industry!

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Extended Family and Network

Creativity, experience, and a progressive mindset are what highlight our network and team of professionals.

Our additional consultants, designers, and partners are handpicked throughout Canada, the USA, and Eastern Caribbean to provide relevant project support across the restaurant, bar, lounge, hotel, resort, casino, and entertainment related sectors.

KRG Hospitality can quickly mobilize individually or assemble as a task force (on-site or remotely) with the knowledge and experience needed to effectively tackle any assignment within the hospitality industry.

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