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Why KRG Hospitality?

“Our mission is to revolutionize the wayhospitality businesses start, stabilize, andscale all over the world by aligningstrategy, programs, and coaching todeliver what you need most - strategic clarity.”

Doug Jennifer Radkey KRG Hospitality Founders Consultant Coach

Co-founded in 2009 by husband and wife duo Doug and Jennifer Radkey, KRG Hospitality had grown into a storied brand that has proven success since its inception, delivering exceptional and award-winning bar, restaurant, and hotel concepts throughout a variety of markets found around the world with a focus on North America, the Caribbean, the UK, and Europe.

At KRG Hospitality, our team specializes in early stage concepts and emerging hospitality brands (one to 15 locations) to help them unleash their full potential. Drawing on years of experience and a growing industry-wide network, we take the time to understand your unique dreams and challenges to develop precise solutions.

The simple fact is, at KRG Hospitality—we listen.

We listen to our clients, to our industry, and to potential trends, threats, and opportunities. We take that detailed insight and provide a high level of cultivated creativity.

About KRG Hospitality Story

We also believe strongly in originality and innovation. There is no ‘cookie cutter’ approach provided here. It is never ‘just another’ project for us.

At KRG Hospitality, we provide you with a clear framework that’s tailored for each client: writing detailed strategic plans, creating award-winning concepts, facilitating start-up projects, finding gaps in existing strategy, developing solutions to known problems, recognising opportunities for growth, and inspiring others through our unique seminars, workshops, and on-going coaching programs.

We work with you and your vision to guide you to the best possible final outcome: a scalable, sustainable, profitable, memorable, disruptive, and consistent business—all of the characteristics needed to win in this industry!

The KRG Hospitality Network Commercial Realtors Designs Graphic Interior Equipment Marketing Technology

Extended Family and Network

Creativity, experience, and a forward-thinking mindset are what highlight our expansive and connected network.

Our additional consultants, realtors, interior designers, contractors, lawyers, accountants, technology partners, plus equipment and furniture suppliers who are handpicked throughout Canada, the USA, the UK, Europe, and Eastern Caribbean – are there to provide relevant project support across the restaurant, bar, lounge, hotel, resort, casino, and entertainment related sectors.

KRG Hospitality can quickly mobilize individually or assemble as a task force (on-site or remotely) with the knowledge and experience needed to effectively tackle any assignment within the hospitality industry.

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