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Starting a Bar or Restaurant: The Non-Negotiables

The 2024 Mission

It’s my mission this year to educate hundreds of people throughout the world on how to strategically start a successful hospitality business.

The numbers don’t lie: 60-70% of bars and restaurants will close within the first 12-36 months. The number one reason for this high failure rate? The lack of strategic clarity.

This live workshop will prepare and educate the audience on the non-negotiable plans needed to WIN in this industry. The process we will go through during this workshop has helped reduce that closure rate to just 2% within those same 12-36 months.

The time is now to think big and focus on opportunities. This workshop will go over the requirements, costs, characteristics, systems, mindset, and strategy plans that are 100% non-negotiable to start a successful brand in this industry. After this workshop, attendees will leave with the confidence, understanding, and tools needed to WIN!

Upcoming Shows in 2024

"Doug has delivered a number of mind-altering sessions for us with knowledge that has helped set the stage to a really successful conference year after year.” - Chuck Nervick; MediaEdge

“I truly appreciate your dedication to our shows. You bring a level of active engagement that always develops positive feedback for us. Thank you!” - Patricia; Clarion Events

“Doug is an insightful speaker with thought-provoking ideas who did a terrific job at our annual Nightclub & Bar Conference in Las Vegas.” - Jeremiah Batucan; Questex

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Your host, Doug Radkey, is a hospitality consultant, author, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur who works behind the scenes to develop scalable, sustainable, profitable, memorable, and consistent hospitality businesses.

With a focus on independent bar, restaurant, and boutique hotel properties, Doug and his team turn vision into strategic clarity with the gold standard of solutions for new or seasoned operators looking to successfully start or grow their hospitality business.

Doug is the founder and President of KRG Hospitality Inc., an agency that is not only cultivated, but creative and connected with a presence found throughout the world. Since 2009, Doug and KRG Hospitality have worked with hundreds of independent start-up brands thereby positioning KRG to become the industry’s start-up and development experts.

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