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We Cannot Complete Our Mission Alone. Join the KRG Revolution Today!


We’ve learned over the years that it’s together with our network of both community and industry partners that our clients achieve their objective of long-term success.

Join us in revolutionizing the way hospitality businesses start, stabilize, and scale all over the world by aligning strategy, programs, and coaching.

As an Agency that Develops the Framework for Strategic Clarity in a Bar, Restaurant, or Hotel Business,

The Following is a List of Preferred Partners:

Interior Designers

Contractor / Build Teams

Equipment Vendors

Furniture Vendors

Technology Vendors

Commercial Realtor / Brokers

Accounting and Investment Firms

Marketing Agencies

Other Consultants (yes, we collaborate!)

The Benefits of Becoming a Partner

Website and Social Listing

Recommendation Within our Strategy Decks

Global Reach for Projects

Co-branded Landing Page

Commission-based Financial Incentives

Let’s Start the Conversation!

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