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Ask yourself why only a small percentage of bars, restaurants, and hotels are success stories.

Why do 60-70% of concepts fail within the first 36 months? Why is the average profit margin within the industry so low?

What is holding so many brands back from achieving success?

“We reduce failure rates to lower than two percent while positioning you to be in the top five percent of the industry”

The first thing we do is we take luck out of the equation.

Since 2009, we have accumulated over 30,000 hours of hands-on experience as high-performing coaches, advisors, and consultants.

From our 8 strategic playbooks to mindset coaching, project deployment, and internal programming, we reduce failure rates to lower than 2% while positioning you to be in the top 5% of the industry in terms of people, processes, and profit.

We deliver these results through our framework of strategic clarity and by guiding you towards the best possible outcome: a scalable, sustainable, profitable, memorable, disruptive, and consistent businessall of the characteristics needed to win in this industry.

No Bullsh*t. Just Results!

KRG provides tangible but impactful results that focus around enhanced strategic clarity, operational efficiency, elevated staff and guest experiences, increased revenue and profitability, strengthened brand identity, creative leadership skills, improved confidence, sustainable long-term success, and a life outside your business.

On-Time and On-Budget Projects Due to Our Strategic Playbooks

Average Restaurant Margins Range Between 12.4% and 18.6%

Average Food & Beverage Costs Range Between 22.1% and 27.5%

Average Hotel Margins Range Between 15.8% and 26.3%

Above Average ADR, RevPAR, RevPAG, and Occupancy Rates for Boutique Hotels

Streamlined Operations with Focus on People + Processes + Experiences

Low Staff Turnover + Positive Culture + Maximum Work/Life Balance

It’s Time To Tell Your Story

“As a new restauranteur, I found exactly what I was looking for in Doug Radkey and KRG Hospitality. His expertise in the industry far exceeded my expectations and has provided me with the resources to succeed and thrive. I am beyond grateful”

– The Pinery

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