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Access a team of industry leading consultants who are passionate about your success. From food & beverage menus to day-to-day operations and the overall financial health of your hospitality business – KRG is there to help lead you on a path towards sustainable results.

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Doug Radkey

Strategy / Systems / Brand

Jennifer Radkey, KRG Hospitality Mindset Coach

Jennifer Radkey

Mindset / Culture / Lifestyle

David Klemt, KRG Hospitality Director of Business Development

David Klemt

Bar / Nightlife / Technology

Nathen Dube KRG Hospitality Executive Chef

Nathen Dube

Kitchen / Culinary / Menu

Kim Richardson, KRG Hospitality Hospitality Consultant

Kim Richardson

Hotels / Restaurants / Catering

Jared Boller, KRG Hospitality Master Mixologist for North America

Jared Boller

Bar / Mixology / Menu

Personalized Consultations

This consultation time is intended to identify unique challenges to your hospitality business, offer practical advice, and propose long-term solutions.

Here are the most common solutions other bars, restaurants, and hotels have used these 1-on-1 consulting sessions for:

Menu Design & Optimization

Culture & Staff Retention

Budgeting & Forecasting

Developing a Tech-Stack

Delivery, Logistics & Catering

Marketing Plans & Budgets

Bar, Restaurant, Hotel Operations

Strategic Clarity & Planning

Mindset & Leadership

Choose Your Hours or Program

Monthly and weekly calls are scheduled each month or week. Retainers can be used whenever you need advice over any period of time, until the hours are used.

No long-term commitment required. The more hours you commit to however, the lower the hourly rate.

2-Hours / Month

1-Hour Call + Strategy Time

2-Hours / Week

1-Hour Call + Strategy Time

10-Hour Retainer

On-Demand + Email Access

20-Hour Retainer

On-Demand + Email Access

40-Hour Retainer

On-Demand + Email Access

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