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A Legacy is Not Built Overnight or By Chance”

KRG Legacy Program for Bar Restaurant Hotel Investors

Developing a legacy is a strategic effort combining vision, action, grit, and innovation. Focusing on the creation of meaningful impact and memorable experiences ensures that a legacy brand in the hospitality industry does more than just survive: the brand thrives, inspires, and leads.

With KRG Legacy, we build more than new bars, restaurants, and hotels — we create experience driven destinations for today’s investors.

Our mission is to set new standards in investment and operational excellence, ensuring that each project not only succeeds but also sets a benchmark for innovation and financial sustainability.

Through comprehensive, strategic playbooks and strategy deployment, we strive to transform visionary ideas into iconic brands that enrich communities and redefine investor expectations.

Who Builds a Legacy?

High Net Worth Individuals

Those with a substantial amount of capital specifically allocated for investment in the hospitality sector ($1.5 to $2.5 million for restaurants and $5 million or more for hotels)

Passive Investors

Individuals who prefer to invest their capital without taking on the day-to-day management responsibilities of running a bar, restaurant, or hotel property.

Portfolio Diversifiers

Seasoned investors looking to diversify their investment portfolios by adding hospitality assets but who require operational expertise.

Visionary Entrepreneurs

Those with a vision for a unique hospitality concept but who lack industry-specific knowledge or operational experience to execute.

Corporate Investors

Investment groups or corporate entities currently involved inor who are looking to expand intohospitality with a reliable turnkey solution that minimizes risk and maximizes ROI.

Why KRG Legacy?

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Reduced Complexity: 

KRG Legacy offers a comprehensive turnkey solution that manages all operational aspects from concept to launch, allowing investors to enjoy the benefits of ownership free from the complexities of the project or ongoing day-to-day management.

Reduced Risk: 

With KRG Hospitality’s strategic playbooks and strategy deployment programs plus pre-and-post-open coaching programs, risks are minimized through meticulous attention to detail, thereby securing your investment.

Industry Powerhouse:

Leveraging over 30,000 hours of industry experience alongside the strategic development of over 270 concepts, KRG Legacy equips investors with the insights and guidance needed to make informed decisions, ensuring every project aligns with market trends, scalable growth opportunities, and investor expectations.

The Expected Results.

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Scalable Opportunities:

As investors see operational success and ROI through detailed performance tracking, they can expect opportunities for brand expansion and scalability typically within 1-3 years after opening.

Profitable Ventures:

Dependent upon the specific concept, the objective is to provide an initial return on investment within 12 to 36 months, with above-average industry benchmark profit margins of 15-25% per location.

Seamless Experience:

KRG Legacy’s turnkey approach means that all aspects of launching and running the business are overseen by experienced professionals.

Ready to Create Your Legacy?

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