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Surround yourself with a board of advisors who will motivate you to surpass even your own expectations!

Let’s take your currently operating hospitality business to the next level by diving into current challenges, creating growth and putting YOU ten steps ahead of the competition.

With a minimal investment along with a commitment of just one hour per week, you can surround yourself with a well-rounded team of coaches and consultants who each focus on niche subject matters that will help you gain both industry insights and strategic clarity for your business.


You feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of day-to-day decisions

You feel stuck and are unsure of how to move your business forward

You have big ideas but have no one who can provide clear feedback or direction

Your culture is terrible and your brand is experiencing high turnover

You are DONE with achieving average-at-best results in this industry


The time is now to achieve results you never thought possible! From an increase in profit margins to reduced labor turnover, improved staff engagement, memorable guest experiences, increased brand awareness, and productive time away from the business – you can lead a more balanced lifestyle AND competitive business.


Doug Radkey, KRG Hospitality president and co-founder

Meet Doug. His focus is on helping you develop a scalable, sustainable, profitable, memorable, and consistent hospitality business through brand, strategy, and execution. Clients love the clear and understanding framework that Doug provides along with his open mind and approach to thinking outside the box to help create a differentiated business model.

Jennifer Radkey KRG Hospitality Life and Mindset Coach

Meet Jennifer. Her focus is on your well-being and she believes that a positive growth mindset can be cultivated and will have a significant impact on you, your team, and your business! Clients appreciate her keen listening skills and ability to zone in on key issues, allowing the space and powerful questioning to help you discover your own solutions.


One of the things that I really enjoyed about working with Jennifer and KRG Hospitality was the absence of “fluff.” Every session was high-focus, high-content, high-value. This level of capability is extremely rare in any field, and I’m extremely fortunate to have found a coach who has been able to help me accelerate my development so much! – Teo

David Klemt, KRG Hospitality Director of Business Development

Meet David. His focus is on elevating both beverage and guest experience programming for bars, restaurants, and hotels. His creative approach, rich history, and continuous in-depth research into what drives a memorable guest experience has provided clients with results that truly push their business forward through effective word-of-month, story-telling, and social media discovery.

Nathen Dube Kitchen Culinary Menu Food Consultant

Meet Nathen. His focus is on researching, analyzing, conceptualizing, and strategically aligning an incredible food program that leaves your brand top of mind. Clients are always left impressed by the sheer volume of knowledge that Nathen has to share with them in terms of international flavor profiles, classic and modern plating styles, food cost controls, and innovative waste reduction.


“As a new restauranteur, I found exactly what I was looking for in Doug Radkey and KRG Hospitality. His expertise in the industry far exceeded my expectations and has provided me with the resources to succeed and thrive. I am beyond grateful” – Carol


We first complete an assessment of your brand / property.

From there, you will receive a full assessment report that sets the stage for working with you and your team.

After a review of the assessment, your board of advisors will meet with you 1-hour per week along with 1-hour per week on data analysis. While we recommend a full 52-week period, you can opt-out of the program after 90 days.


Set up a call with one of our team members to learn how this program is EXACTLY what you need right now.

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