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The costs to start a bar or restaurant have been on a steady rise over the past 2 to 3 years, particularly with the increase in labor, construction, equipment, and the unique materials required to deliver a scalable, sustainable, memorable, profitable, and consistent on-premise, off-premise, or hybrid concept.

* Disclaimer: As with any online calculator, this free calculator is to be used as an initial reference point. Every project is unique in its own way. Property and leasing costs, equipment, and renovation costs will heavily fluctuate based on market, concept, and the status/condition of a chosen property, such as was it a bar or restaurant previously. Please start below by entering a desired square footage from 600 to 4,000 square feet of space and clicking submit.

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Business Setup BudgetAverage Cost
Lease Deposits$0
Utility Deposits$0
1st Month Lease$0
Business Insurances$0
Start-Up Legal$0
Licenses & Permits (not incl. Liquor in USA)$0
Kitchen & Bar BudgetAverage Cost
Kitchen/Bar Equipment$0
Interior/Exterior Signage$0
Smallwares & Takeout$0
Bar/Restaurant Furniture$0
Training & Opening Inventory
(2x-3x) - if selling alcohol
Initial Staffing & Training$0
Staff Uniforms$0
Marketing & Tech BudgetAverage Cost
Website/App Design$0
Online/Social Media$0
Soft Opening Strategies$0
Launch Month Strategies$0
Marketing Agency & Promo$0
POS Technology/Install$0
Additional Tech/Comm$0
Miscellaneous BudgetAverage Cost
Misc. + Cash-Flow + Interest$0
Renovation BudgetAverage Cost
Renovation BreakdownAverage Cost
Wall/Floor/Ceiling Structure$0
Doors and Trim$0
Glass and Glazing$0
Wall Finishing$0
Floor & Ceiling Finishing$0
Counters & Millwork$0
General Electrical$0
General Plumbing$0
Lighting Fixtures$0
Plumbing Fixtures$0
Fire Protection Systems$0
HVAC + Hood Systems$0
Other Design/Install/Misc.$0
Total Price$0
Ideal Annual Sales$0
Ideal Annual Profit$0
Ideal Profit Objective %15%
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The guide is founded upon KRG Hospitality’s proprietary database of previous project costs, which includes project data from restaurants, bars, and cafes developed over the past 24 months. Drawing upon this comprehensive guide, an industry leading expert has analyzed the information and provided a succinct and user-friendly summary of the findings for each major start-up category. While using this guide helps develop a rough preliminary financial and strategic milestone plan, it is strongly recommended that you seek professional expert advice to provide a more precise, project-specific estimate as each concept and market will be slightly different. KRG Hospitality Inc. is therefore not responsible for any project that is not currently under contract with the company.