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Into Profitable Reality?

Quick-Service (QSR) + Fast-Casual + Fine Dining + Cafe & Bistro + Food Truck + Virtual Kitchens

Independent Operators + Restaurant Groups + Property Managers + Investment Groups

Over 250 Strategy Plans / 1,000’s of Consulting Hours / 500+ Free Resources


Our goal is to provide you with a package of solutions—set in phases—to minimize your risks and set the foundations for long-term success. We will save you and your shareholders both time and financial resources by committing to you our high level of standards, expertise, and growing industry-wide network.


After the completion of an in-depth discovery session with you and your team (whether you’re just starting, looking to scale, or looking to re-brand), we would then move into a thorough planning stage that can take approximately 6-8 weeks, pending scope of project.

This first phase, which is completed 100% in-house by KRG Hospitality Inc., will develop or enhance the six unique characteristics needed to survive in this cut-throat industry: Scalability, Sustainability, Profitability, Consistency, Disruption, and Memorable Experiences.

Since 2009, we have completed hundreds of these plans and stand behind our belief that no one can meet the level of detail or value that exists within these non-negotiable documents.

You will receive the complete, customized package of strategy plans that will not only build upon the foundations for success but guide you and your team through the critical steps, in addition to providing you with a full suite of professionally written and designed presentations for investors, banks, and landlords.

Feasibility Study

+ In-Depth Market Research

+ Market & Neighborhood Comps

+ Competitive Analysis Profile

+ Real Estate Analysis

+ F&B and Industry Trend Report

+ Creation of Project Budget 

+ Measuring Costs & Financial Potential For Concept

Conceptual Development

+ Development of Brand Story

+ Development of Core Values

+ Development of Identity Pkg.

+ Renovation & F.F.E. Specs

+ Food & Bev Menu Concepts 

+ Development of Smallware Specs 

+ Scaled Prototype Drawings w/ Updated Project Costs

Marketing & Technology

+ Target Customer Profile(s)

+ Marketing & Brand Activation Plan

+ Marketing Plan Budgets

+ Complete Customer Journey Map

+ Operational Technology Plan

+ Marketing Technology Plan

+ Stack of Technology Specs w/ Updated Project Costs

Business & Financial

+ Detailed Operations Plan

+ Revenue & Cost Channels

+ Return on Investment & KPIs

+ Milestone & Contingency Plan

+ Mock Schedule, Traffic Analysis

+ Detailed Financial Playbook

+ Professionally Designed Package for Presentation


Upon the completion of the above plans, you have the option of onboarding KRG Hospitality to help manage your project with a focus on the following deliverables:

Site Selection

+ Site Scouting w/ Local Agents

+ Permit Requirement Consultations

+ Designers / Contractor Consultations

+ Build-Out/Renovation Budgeting

+ Issue Support w/ Contractors

F.F.E. Consultations

+ Procurement of Furniture

+ Procurement of Equipment

+ Procurement of Plating & Packaging

+ Procurement of Technology

+ Consulting on F&B Supply Chain

Talent Consultations

+ Staff Structuring and Organization

+ Attracting & Retaining Talent

+ Staff Engagement Program Consultations

+ Staff Onboarding Consultations

+ Leadership Team Consultations

Operating Consultations

+ Revenue & Costing Consultations

+ First and Third-Party Strategies

+ Consulting on Operational Requirements

+ Staff Orientation and Soft Opening

+ Reviewing Financial Plans


If you are seeking additional turn-key style support, the following list can be added on to any start-up, re-structuring or re-branding program, or chosen separately:

Mindset Coaching

+ Weekly/Monthly Program

+ One-on-One Coaching

Menu Development

+ F&B Recipe & Costing

+ Catering Programs

Standard Op. Procedures

+ Over 50 Documents

+ Customized & Branded

Service Training

+ On-Site Bar/Kitchen/Service

+ Training & Workshops

Tech-Stack Development

+ Operational Technology 

+ Marketing Technology

Hourly Consulting

+ On-Demand Consultations

+ 10/20/40 Hour Options

Web/Graphic Design

+ Web Design Partners

+ Graphic Design Partners

Marketing Support

+ Awareness/Build/Retention

+ With Our Agency Partners


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