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The Bar Hacks Podcast & Beverage Program Assessment

By David Klemt & Doug Radkey

Co-hosted by Doug Radkey and David Klemt, the Bar Hacks Podcast is a reflection of both high-level journalism and consulting experience within this industry. This informative and conversational podcast is the perfect listen for any aspiring or seasoned bar, pub, lounge, or restaurant owner, operator, and manager who may be looking for that competitive edge in industry-driven trends, development, and operations. Have a listen and let us know what you think!

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Bar Hacks Menu Audit Consulting

+ Product Mix & Sales Analysis

+ Produce Costing & Pricing Analysis

+ Menu Design Assessment

+ 1-Hour of Additional Consulting

+ Action Plan Based on Results

Bar Hacks Menu and Beverage Program Audit Consulting

The Menu Audit Package +

+ Review of Cocktail Recipes

+ Value Proposition + Opportunities

+ Review of Menu + Brand Alignment

+ Alcohol Safety Audit

+ Equipment Audit; Functionality + Performance

+ Bar Layout Audit; Size + Organization

+ Beverage Prep + Storage + Rotation

+ Beverage Production + Ticket Times

+ Beverage Presentation + Glassware

+ 2-Hours of Additional Consulting

+ Action Plan Based on Results

Bar Hacks Level Up Menu Beverage Program Bar Audit Consulting

Menu Audit + Beverage Package +

+ Review of 12 Month Profit & Loss Statement

+ Review of Key Performance Indicators

+ Team Onboarding + Training Assessment

+ Team Communication & Scheduling Audit

+ Review of Opening + Closing + Cash-Out

+ Review of Inventory Control + Security

+ Purchasing + Receiving Assessment

+ Review of POS & Stack of Technology

+ Overall Guest Feedback Review

+ Complete Service Sequence Review

+ 4-Hours of Additional Consulting

+ Action Plan Based on Results