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Whether you’re a bar, restaurant, hotel, or other hospitality related business – it all starts with the guest experience.

Curating or elevating your guest experiences will lead to increased guest satisfaction, guest loyalty, and social engagement. Additionally, innovative guest experience programs can command premium pricing, maximizing revenue and profit potential.

Finally, a reputation for delivering exceptional guest experiences enhances the brand’s equity in the market, paving the way for a destination that provides long-term success and sustainability.

Hotel Room Programming Guest Experiences Strategies


Working with you to develop strategies for enhancing hotel suites to elevate the overall guest experience with a focus on in-room amenities, personal touch-points, guest services, social engagement opportunities, and technology enhancements that deliver both comfort and convenience along with a variety of memorable moments.

Culinary Experiences For Bars Restaurants Hotels


Working with an executive-chef consultant, KRG will help develop your innovative culinary concepts and menu development strategies along with unique and memorable dining experiences. From ideation through to testing, recipe development, ingredient sourcing, plating, equipment, technology, and training – we can help modernize your food program.

Beverage Cocktail Program Coaching Consulting Bars Restaurants Hotels


Working with our bar team, KRG will help design an award-winning beverage program that includes the curation of wine lists, beer selections, signature cocktails, zero-proof beverages, ice and RTD programs, and more. From bar layouts to equipment, glassware, and ingredient sourcing to food pairings and creative drink presentations – we’re there with you every step of the way.


Both cigar and hookah lounges are on-trend on-premise guest experience opportunities. From selection and storage to presentation and guest-use; our certified smoke and cigar sommelier will help you provide an exceptional service to enthusiasts who are actively looking for that immersive smoked-related guest experience.

Wellness Program Coaching Consulting Hotels KRG Hospitality


Working with you to develop innovative strategies for enhancing your hotel’s indoor or outdoor aquatics, fitness centers, spa facilities, and wellness retreat programs that cater to various guest preferences and wellness goals. By leveraging digital platforms, partnerships, and activations – our team can strengthen your hotel’s competitive position in the market with a one-of-a-kind wellness program.

Retail Market Programs Merchandise Hotels Boutique KRG Hospitality Coaching Consulting


Working with you on the selection of branded and non-branded merchandise options that align with your brand image, target market, and guest preferences to improve your gift shop and convenience-driven on-premise retail markets. Providing the right mix of retail opportunities can drive positive guest emotions along with off-premise awareness with branded souvenirs.


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