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Doug Radkey Hospitality Restaurant Coach KRG

Doug Radkey

Doug Radkey’s impressive career spans more than 25 years and includes all aspects of bar, restaurant, and hotel development. During this time, he has become a thought leader within the industry while developing over 270 new concepts in addition to being the project manager for countless start-up projects throughout the world.

Doug not only works ‘behind the scenes’ of today’s leading hospitality brands as the President and principal consultant for KRG Hospitality, but he is an internationally recognized speaker, industry columnist, and 2x published author.

He has spoken at a variety of industry shows, including the Bar & Restaurant in Las Vegas, The New York Restaurant & Food Service Show, The Western Food Service & Hospitality Show (LA), The Foodservice & Lodging Show in Orlando, and The Restaurants Canada Show in Toronto, and the National Restaurant Show in Chicago – among many others.

Doug Radkey Restaurant Bar Hotel Consultant KRG Agency North America

He has been featured as an ‘industry expert’ in many regional newspapers, industry podcasts, and radio shows along with The Today Show by NBC Networks while writing featured articles for all of your favorite industry magazines.

Doug also wrote and published (2018) ‘Bar Hacks’; a powerhouse of a book for anyone looking to start-up or improve upon their bar or restaurant. As a follow-up, Doug also wrote and published (2021) ‘Hacking the New Normal’; hitting the reset button on the hospitality industry.

Each and every project by KRG Hospitality is overseen and personally signed-off by Doug Radkey, providing you with the confidence that both your dream and your investment, is carefully considered and efficiently taken-care of.

Doug has also earned the following:

Accredited for Teaching Hospitality Management Through the American Hotel & Lodging Institute (USA) with a Focus on Food, Beverage, and Hotel Operations Management

Business Diploma from Mohawk College (Canada) for Business + Marketing + Operations

Successful Negotiations from University of Michigan (USA)

Greening the Economy + Developing Sustainable Cities (Lund University-Sweden)

Sustainable Tourism – Promoting Environmental Public Health (University of Copenhagen)


Doug started waterskiing at the age of three-and-a-half and was a competitive wakeboarder for over ten years. His passion outside of ‘work’ is now travelling and exploring this incredible world with his family. Ready to meet Doug?

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