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Independent Operators + Groups + Property Managers + Investment Groups

Those looking to reduce the potential of failure to less than 2% and for those looking to produce above average benchmarks of 12-15-20% or more profit!


Since 2009, KRG Hospitality has created a gold-standard in strategic planning for new entertainment venues with 8 customized playbooks. These playbooks should be completed prior to signing a lease or purchasing property, to obtain financing, and to build the foundations for your number one asset: Strategic Clarity.

Non Negotiable Strategy Plans for Bars, Clubs, Pubs

We provide strategic playbooks that take approximately 8-12 weeks to complete. What starts with an in-depth discovery session and market tour finishes with a customized suite of strategy plans that we like to refer to as the non-negotiables.

We start by qualifing your concept before committing to a location. Our studies have saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. This study provides detailed market research, neighborhood and real estate analysis plus trends and financials.

Having a one-of-a-kind concept development plan will help shape the idea and ‘concept’ into a tangible form with character, heart, and soul; giving your project a visual personality along with a more defined and realistic budget.

Prototype Layouts Bars Restaurants Hotels Test Drawing KRG Hospitality

The main purpose / benefit of a prototype is to have the ability to site adapt for a future site in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. A prototype is a consistent design for your brand that is also used to ‘test’ your service, flow, equipment, furniture, and budgets prior to moving on with designers and architects.

Our brand strategy plans deliver the key elements that position your brand for success: communication, emotions, and memorable connection. Our brand strategy plans develop your core values, tell your story, effectively communicate your message, and develop the visual identity that you will need to stand out.

Position your brand not only for now but for the future. A properly developed stack of technology will streamline your operations while providing high-level experiences that both your guests and staff are expecting. From POS systems and inventory to online ordering, reservations, merchants, guest feedback, marketing, and more.

What are the socio-graphic profiles of your target customers? How many exist in your market? How will you generate awareness, build your database, and generate repeat business? From social, digital, and four-walls marketing, you need a plan that will drive long-term financial results in your highly competitive market.

The action plan that delivers strategy on your overall operations, day-to-day systems, staff onboarding and training, marketing and brand activation, startup milestones, and so much more. The key document that helps you make decisions and the one all financial advisors, landlords, and investors are also seeking.

KRG Hospitality financial playbook. Restaurant. Bar. Cafe. Lounge. Hotel. Resort.

What are your detailed start-up costs? How about your potential debt and ROI plan? Revenue and cost channels? Profit and loss statements? Contingency plans? Labor optimization schedules? Hourly foot traffic reports? This detailed and customized financial package will prepare your business for profitable success!

Already Have a Business Plan?

If you’ve created your own plan, used an online template, used AI, or even another agency to create your plan – we will review it to ensure that you’re project, operations, and investment ready.

Six Easy Steps: Book Call / Pay $400 USD Fee / Receive Signed NDA / Submit Plan / Review Plan During 60-Minute Call / Recieve Audit Results


Once the planning phase is complete, we can move on to strategy deployment; Specific, formalized, collaborative, and disciplined playbook execution. This will ensure time management, budgets, and investment dollars are carefully taken into consideration during the entire process and that you hit the 500-750 individual targets required to start a successful entertainment business.

KRG Hospitality site development. Site selection. Restaurant. Bar. Cafe. Lounge. Hotel. Resort.

From site scouting with commercial realtors and onboarding architects, designers, and contractors, to finalizing permits and equipment, furniture, gaming, and supply chain vendors.

Talent Consultations Entertainment Business KRG Hospitality

Staff structuring and organization, aligning your core values, developing programs that will attract, engage, and retain your staff, to the onboarding of your leadership and management teams.

Bar Nightclub Pub Brewery Menu Development Drinks Food

Finalizing the F&B concepts through to recipe creation, menu testing, menu costing, to the development of on/off-premise sales and catering programs, and creation of training manuals.

Finalizing the gaming and entertainment related concepts through to costing, testing, and delivery and the creation of training manuals.

Consulting on non-tech day-to-day operations plus revenue and cost channels along with standard operating procedures, manuals, and checklists.

Bar Pub Brewery Nightclub Club Nightlife Technology Plan Tech Stack

Working with the completed tech-stack plan, we will onboard all of the technology vendors, align training sessions, and ensure that they’re all integrating.

Coordinating with one of our industry-leading marketing partners, you will receive a dedicated consultant / agency that will help execute the marketing plan, leading to early awareness and profits.

Planning, execution, consistency, adjustments, training, and timing are of utmost importance prior to opening, and after. We will be there to help monitor your brand’s readiness.

Bar Nightclub Pub Brewery Leadership Mindset Coaching Startup

Starting an entertainment business is not easy. Lack of focus, feeling overwhelmed, stress, and indecisiveness can disrupt your startup and create many challenges long before ever opening your doors.

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