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Start-Up & Emerging Boutique Resorts & Hotels

KRG Provides The Studies, Plans, & Guest Experiences You Need!


1-50 key properties with a focus on flow + space + people along with F&B programming, tech-programming, guest services, and guest experiences.


From city centres to inspiring getaways, KRG Hospitality assists clients in the development process for new or emerging hotel and resort projects by providing specialized knowledge of key markets; Eastern Caribbean, Orlando, Nashville, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Vancouver (Western Canada), Calgary (Central Canada), and Toronto (Eastern Canada).

KRG Hospitality’s highly experienced, professional team has earned an impeccable reputation for its start-up plans and is recognized for its high level of credibility among boutique hotel operators, international resorts, private investors, financial institutions, and major real estate developers.


The primary solutions of market feasibility studies plus concept development plans and business plans provided by KRG Hospitality, are considered a gold standard in the industry and provide a reliable & thorough evaluation of the full potential of your proposed development project or real estate property acquisition.

Feasibility Study

+ Analyzing & Comparing Market Areas & Tourism (local, regional, international)

+ Developing Consumer Profiles by Analyzing Demographics & Socio-Graphics

+ Compiling & Analyzing Required Hotel & Hospitality Trends and Market Needs

+ Determining Concept + Budgets + Ideal Size of Location Based on Completed Analysis

+ Measuring Start-up Costs & Financial Potential Against Industry Standards

Concept & Brand Development

+ Development of a Brand Guide for Entire Property Including Each Functional Segment of Operations

+ Development of Logo, Visuals, Colors & Fonts for Each Noted Segment

+ Identifying Architecture Needs & Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment

+ Idetifying Interior & Exterior Concepts; Rooms, F&B, Wellness, Retail, Events

+ Completion of a Scaled 2-D Prototype Drawing w/ Ideal Layout of Entire Property

Strategic Business Plan

+ Competitive Landscapes & Initial Operations Plan for Each Segment of Property

+ Marketing Plan & Detailed Customer Journey Map(s) for Each Segment of Property

+ Brand Activation Plan & Required Stack of Technology for Each Segment of Property

+ Strategic Goals, Revenue Channels, Room Management, Guest Experience Strategies

+ Financial Playbook w/ Minimum Ten Years of Financial Statements

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Upon the completion of the above plans, you have the option of onboarding KRG Hospitality to help co-manage your project with a focus on the following deliverables:

+ Renovation Budgeting, Timelines, and Issue Support

+ Consulting on Sourcing & Scheduling of F.F.E.

+ Consulting on On-Site Event Programming

+Consulting on Complete F&B Programming

+ Consulting on Retail, Spa, Wellness Programming

+ Consulting on Sourcing & Scheduling of Tech-Stack

+ Consulting on Direct & Channel Booking Systems

+ Consulting on Supply Chain Mgmt. System

+ Consulting on Staff Structuring and Organization

+ Consulting on Staff/Guest Engagement Programs

+ Consulting on the Onboarding of Leadership Team

+ Consulting on Revenue Channels and Management

+ On-Site Staff Orientation & Soft Opening Support

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If you are seeking additional turn-key style support, the following list can be added on to any coaching, consulting, or project management program or chosen separately on their own:

+ F&B Menu and Recipe Development Package

+ Hotel Operating Procedure & Training Programs

+ On-Site Bar / Kitchen / Service Training Package

+ Post-Opening Coaching Programs

+ Additional Graphic Design Packages

+ Customized Website / App Development Package

+ Social Media Setup and Training Package

+ On-Site Workshops for You and Your Team


KRG Hospitality Hourly Consulting Retainers