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Since 2009, resulting from the innovation of thought & expression, KRG Hospitality has helped deliver exceptional and award winning hospitality concepts throughout North America.


Our refined, accomplished, and sophisticated process allows us to transform your uncertainty into possibility and your unique hospitality concept into lasting progress.


Throughout a variety of markets, KRG knows how to anticipate, collaborate, and innovate by devising made to measure solutions that provide a clear framework tailored to each client.

Doug Radkey

President of KRG Hospitality Inc.

About KRG Hospitality

What was once known as ‘Key Restaurant Group’ is now ‘KRG Hospitality’; a storied brand that has proven success over the past decade, throughout a variety of markets found within Canada, The United States, and abroad.

As the Founder & President of KRG Hospitality Inc. in addition to being the author of the book ‘Bar Hacks’, Doug Radkey’s impressive career spans more than two decades and includes all aspects of food, beverage, and hospitality development.

As a family operated company along with his wife, Jennifer Radkey (the Vice President of KRG Hospitality Inc.), they bring together a partnership based on vision and foresight, which has positioned them for continuous growth since starting their professional journey together back in 2009.

“Integrity, transparency, and quality of service are just a few of the values our clients are known to choose us for”


KRG Hospitality specializes in early stage concepts and emerging hospitality brands (with 1-15 locations) to help them unleash their full potential. Drawing on years of experience and a growing industry-wide network, we take the time to understand your unique dreams & challenges to develop precise solutions.

KRG Hospitality provides a clear framework that’s tailored for each client; writing detailed strategic plans, creating award winning concepts, facilitating start-up projects, finding gaps in existing strategy, developing solutions to known problems, recognising opportunities for growth, and inspiring others through our unique seminars, workshops, & on-going coaching methods.

Every scalable, sustainable, profitable, memorable, and consistent project by KRG Hospitality is overseen and personally signed-off by Doug Radkey, providing you with the confidence that your dream and your investment, is carefully considered and efficiently taken-care of.

Extended Family & Network

Creativity, experience, and a progressive mindset are what highlight our network.

Our list of partners are handpicked throughout Canada, the USA, and Eastern Caribbean to provide relevant project support across the restaurant, bar, lounge, hotel, resort, casino, and entertainment related sectors.

KRG Hospitality can quickly mobilize individually or assemble as a task force (on-site or remotely) with the knowledge and experience needed to effectively tackle any assignment within the hospitality industry.

Market Researchers

Nearly each project at KRG Hospitality starts with a feasibility study. This ensures your project is the right fit for the market and that your project has the viability for long-term success. Our network of industry driven researchers will provide your project & everyone involved with it, with the in-depth data needed to make winning decisions.

Operational Consultants

With years of experience operating restaurants & hospitalty properties in addition to consulting on a number of unique projects, KRG provides consultants that understand the required business planning, design elements, system management, work-flow, equipment procurement, and much more leading to efficient operations.

Chef Consultant
Executive Chefs

Our team of chefs, no matter the concept, can deliver an award winning food program while leading and training your own culinary team on recipe development, menu cost-outs, supply chain management, equipment choices, kitchen layout, system development, team communication, and more leading to a memorable guest experience.

Closeup barman is making cocktail at night club. Unique man. Bartender has a mustache and stylish hairstyle
Master Mixologists

On premise beverage programs are vital to a successful property. KRG Hospitality provides master mixologists that can deliver unique, one-of-a-kind cocktails, wine lists, beer lists, mocktails, coffees, and other drink menus while leading your beverage team on recipe development, bar layouts, system development and much more.

Customer Service
Guest Service Consultants

While many feel they’re meeting the basic needs of guests, today’s consumers want – and expect – much more during each meal, visit, or stay. KRG Hospitality provides front of house (FOH), counter service, hotel guest services, and general customer service training & programs that will elevate your brand through the lense of your guest!

Project Coordinator
Project Coordinators

Our team has been there; managing budgets, time, people, and resources takes experience and organized project management skills. The success of your new build or renovation rests squarely on the strength of your project coordinators and KRG Hospitality is ready for the challenge; ensuring budgets & schedules stay aligned.

Interior Designers
Interior Designers

From award winning architects to interior designers to general contractors; KRG Hospitality provides a network of creative professionals that know the restaurant, bar, hotel, and entertainment design space. Each square foot of your space will be maximized with documents prepared for permit & construction related purposes.

Graphic Arts
Graphic Designers

KRG Hospitality has been known as a ‘boutique graphic design studio’ specializing in branding, packaging and web design for restaurants, bars, hotels, and entertainment venues. With brand positioning, vision & mood boards, logo creation, iconography, secondary graphics, and type & color systems at the forefront, we can provide the image you want!

Financial Advisor
Financial Advisors

The financial health of your project is a top priority. Having a certified accountant on your side to review start-up financial plans, financial projections, asset management strategies, cost control methods, key performance indicators, financial benchmarking, and tax structuring – has benefited every single client at KRG Hospitality.

HR Advisor
Human Resource Advisors

KRG Hospitality partners with you to improve the culture within your hospitality business. We understand that employees impact your bottom line and recognize the importance of selecting talented individuals that meet your core values. Our advisors will help set-up your HR systems and help hire your leadership team.

Marketing Impact Team

KRG Hospitality’s impact team provides an increase in brand awareness, increase in revenue per guest, and improves your return guest frequency. The communication strategies we create utilize the most effective social and digital marketing tools in combination with targeted media partnerships to truly activate your brand.

Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaches

Our restaurant & hospitality coaches look to accelerate change from the top by creating a coaching mindset for you and your team. Our coaches are executively trained and are prepared to work in both 1-on-1 or group scenarios. Trust is the most powerful factor in business and our hand-selected coaches are ready to improve your brand – and life!

KRG Network
KRG Cares