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Bar, Pub, Lounge, Nightclub, & Micro-Brewery Concepts

From Idea Stage to Grand Opening; KRG Can Be There!

Bars & Lounges

KRG Hospitality Inc. offers precision solutions that focus on creative hospitality, event planning, and innovative beverage programs found within the bar, micro-brewery, lounge, and nightclub space.

The difference is that we also provide you with a dedicated master mixologist who will immediately increase your profits by not only designing your bar, but developing your beverage program – including one-of-a-kind cocktail menus not seen anywhere else!

Add a trusted team of professionals to your re-brand or start-up support team so you don’t have to go through this critical phase alone!


This first phase, whether you’re just starting, looking to grow, or looking to re-brand, will develop or enhance 5 unique characteristics needed to survive in this cut-throat industry; Scalability, Sustainability, Profitability, Consistency, and Memorable Experiences.

Feasibility Study

+ Comparing up-to three different market areas to determine optimal area

+ Developing consumer profiles by analyzing demographics & socio-graphics

+ Compiling required spirit, cocktail, entertainment, and concept trends

+ Measuring start-up costs & financial potential against industry standards

Conceptual Development

+ Development of brand requirements and characteristics

+ Detailed breakdown of architecture needs & furniture, fixtures, equipment

+ Development of menu concepts, glassware, brewery, entertainment concepts

+ Completion of a scaled 2-D prototype drawing with ideal layout of entire venue

Strategic Business Plan

+ Competitive landscapes, team development, brand differentiation

+ Strategic goals, menu development, revenue channels, return on investment

+ Financial package w/ five years of financial statements

+ Mock schedule, foot traffic analysis, P&L, cash-flow, break-even, and contingency plans


HR Advisor

Site Selection

+ Working closely with local real estate agents

+ Visit, compare, & analyze potential venues


Drawings & Permits

+ Sourcing Architect, Interior Designer, Engineer

+ Consulting on Final Design & Operational Flow

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Project Management

+ Sourcing contractors & overseeing fit-out

+ Organizing & fascilitating all start-up tasks


Our unique impact doesn’t stop there; KRG Hospitality also provides experts in bar & nightclub management, bar & nightclub promotions, interior design, event planning, sound & video engineering, and so much more!

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Brand Development

+ Development of brand guide

+ Logo design & core values

+ Marketing plan & brand activation

cocktail station


+ Final equipment spec consulting

+ Tables, chairs, glassware, sound, video

+ Development of cocktail stations

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F&B Development

+ Full recipe development

+ Menu testing with client

+ Menu costing & engineering


Supply Chain Mgmt.

+ Meeting w/ potential suppliers

+ Developing pricing strategies

+ Organizing safety & deliveries

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Menu Design

+ Story-telling through design

+ Graphic design & presention of menus

+ Organizing menu to drive profits


Online Foot Print

+ Custom website/app development

+ Social media setup & training

+ Training on online reputation


System Development

+ Detailed staff organization plan

+ Standard operating procedures

+ All required checklists & templates

Bar System

Management On-Boarding

+ Hiring of Bar Managers

+ Job posting, interviewing, selection

+ Coach Mgmt. thru on-boarding of team

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Staff Training

+ Development of a training program

+ Leading orientation shifts

+ Hands-on cocktail, wine, & beer training


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Hourly Consulting 

+ 10, 20, 40 Hour Packages Available

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Soft Openings

+ Monitoring & consulting during soft opening


Monthly Coaching

+ Delivering results & accountability

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Operational Assessments

+ 3 Day Assessment & 12 Month Action Plan To Regain Focus, Revenue, & Profits

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Secret Diner Program

+ 1 Day Service Sequence Analysis w/ Detailed Report & Score

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On-Site Workshops

+ Team Development to Inspire Operational Excellence or Hands-On F&B Training

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No matter the property size; complete start to finish solutions for your new, expanding, or re-branded fine dining, fast casual, ghost kitchen, or quick-serve restaurant, or local cafe – resulting in a successful and profitable concept!


Feasibility studies, conceptual planning, business planning, brand development, guest experience strategies, food & beverage programs, and operational assessments for your independent and boutique style hotel or resort property.


Feasibility studies, conceptual planning, business planning, brand development, guest experience strategies, and food & beverage programs for your casino, golf course, bowling alley, or other entertainment venue.