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Fine Dining, Fast Casual, Quick-Serve, Virtual Kitchen, and Cafe Concepts

From Idea Stage to Grand Opening; KRG is There For You!


Quick-Service (QSR) + Fast-Casual + Fine Dining + Cafe & Bistro + Food Truck + Virtual Kitchens


Our goal is to provide you with a package of solutions—set in phases—to minimize your risks and set the foundations for long-term success. We will save you and your shareholders both time and financial resources through committing to you our high level of standards, expertise, and growing industry-wide network.


After the completion of an in-depth discovery session with you and your team (whether you’re just starting, looking to scale, or looking to re-brand), we would then move into a thorough planning stage that can take approximately 45-60 days, pending scope of project.

This first phase, which is completed 100% in-house by KRG Hospitality Inc., will develop or enhance the five unique characteristics needed to survive in this cut-throat industry: Scalability, Sustainability, Profitability, Consistency, and Memorable Experiences.

Since 2009, we have completed hundreds of these plans and stand behind our belief “that no one can meet the level of detail or value that exists within these non-negotiable documents.”

You will receive the complete, customized package of strategy plans that will not only build upon the foundations for success but guide you and your team through the next steps, in addition to providing you with a full suite of professionally written and designed presentations for investors, banks, and landlords.

Feasibility Study

+ Complete Market Research of Trade Area(s)

+ Ideal Market & Neighborhood Comparison

+ Development & Analysis of Consumer Profiles

+ Analysis of Food, Beverage, Industry, and Concept Trends to Determine Next Steps

+ Determining Concept + Budgets + Ideal Size of Location Based on Completed Analysis

+ Measuring Costs & Financial Potential Against Industry Standards

Conceptual Development

+ Development of Brand Guide

+ Development of Logo, Visuals, Colors & Fonts

+ Detailed Architecture Needs + F.F.E. Specs

+ Development of Flavor Profile + F&B Menu Concepts w/ Visual & Ingredient Representation

+ Development of Plating, Packaging, Glassware Specs in Relation to Concept & Budget

+ Completion of a Scaled 2-D Prototype Drawing w/ Ideal Layout

Strategic Business Plan

+ Competitive Landscapes & Operations Plan

+ Marketing Plan & Brand Activation Plan

+ Customer Journey Map + Technology Stack

+ Strategic Goals, Revenue Channels, Return on Investment, and Required KPI Analysis

+ Financial Playbook w/ Five Years of Financial Statements Incl. Monthly P&L Projections

+ Mock Schedule, Traffic Analysis, and Contingency Plans

KRG Hospitality offers project management, which includes on-site owner representation, design and development oversight, F.F.E. procurement and scheduling, F&B menu testing and programming, leadership onboarding and training, soft-opening oversight, and more.


Once the planning phase is completed, reviewed, and signed-off, the next step of location scouting and site development or remodel is required, where KRG Hospitality will facilitate with local & regional vendors.

+ Site Scouting w/ Local Agents & Brokers

+ Final Drawings & Permits w/ Local Architects

+ On-Boarding of Local Contractors and Trades

+ Onsite & Remote Project Management Solutions


Aligning with the above tasks, schedules, and project management solutions, KRG Hospitality is able to lead, facilitate, or hand-hold throughout the following milestones, leading to the successful opening of your restaurant or cafe:

+ Sourcing & Scheduling F.F.E Package

+ Sourcing & Scheduling Plating & Packaging

+ Sourcing & Scheduling Required Tech Stack

+ Full Recipe Development w/ Testing & Costing

+ Setup of Supply Chain Management System

+ Developing Revenue Channels & Pricing Strategies

+ Developing Off-Premise Delivery Logistics

+ Story-Telling Through Graphic Design

+ Custom Website/App Development

+ Social Media & Digital Marketing Setup

+ Detailed Staff Organization Plan

+ Development of On-Boarding Program

+ Standard Operating Procedures

+ Development of a Training Program

+ All Required Checklists & Templates

+ Hiring of Complete Leadership Team

+ Leading Orientation Shifts

+ Hands-On Kitchen & Service Training

+ Soft & Grand Opening Management

+ Everything Inbetween!

KRG Momentum Program Restaurant Coach Growth


+ Hourly Retainer Consulting (10, 20, 40 Hrs)

+ Monthly Coaching; Driving Results & Accountability

+ 3 Day Operational Assessments; 12 Month Plan

+ On-Site Secret Diner Programs

+ On-Site or Remote Workshops For Your Team