by David Klemt

Which States are Reopening this Summer?

by David Klemt

Grand re-opening sign

Around one-third of America’s population is vaccinated fully and some states are easing restrictions.

Per the CDC, not exactly America’s favorite agency, more than 40 percent of Americans have received one Covid-19 vaccine shot. Just over 30 percent have completed the vaccine process.

So, which states are planning to reopen fully for Summer 2021? We have a list of some of the states that have made their plans to reopen 100 percent known so far.


The Golden State plans to reopen fully on June 15. According to doctors at the University of California San Francisco, the state is nearing herd immunity. However, Governor Gavin Newsom’s target date relies on two criteria:

  • Vaccine supply must be sufficient enough “for Californians 16 years and older who wish to” receive inoculation.
  • Hospitalization rates must remain low and stable.


Per Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the plan is for the city of Chicago to be open 100 percent by July 4. Of course, that means reopening fully right in time for one of the biggest celebratory holidays of the year. However, Governor J.B. Pritzker says Illinois could reopen in as early as the start or middle of June.


Governor Steve Sisolak plans for Nevada to reopen fully on June 1. That said, casinos in the Silver State have a slightly different timeline. With the exception of nightclubs, dayclubs and live performances, casinos will open 100 percent June 4 if all requirements are met.

New York

According to Mayor Bill de Blasio, the plan is to reopen New York City on July 1. Governor Andrew Cuomo hopes to reopen New York State fully before that date.


Governor Greg Abbott opened the state 100 percent back in March. However, judges in the state’s 22 counties still have the authority to impose Covid-19 mitigation strategies. Hospitalization rates in a particular county rising above 15-percent hospital bed capacity for seven days would be a triggering event.

As the vaccine rollout continues, it’s likely we’ll see more states announce Summer 2021 reopening plans. Still, operators should proceed with caution and remain in compliance with state, county and local Covid-19 rules. This is, after all, a fluid situation.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel but now’s not the time to be complacent.

Image: Tim Mossholder on Unsplash