by David Klemt

7 Whiskeys for National Bourbon Day

by David Klemt

Lux Row Distillers Blood Oath Pact No. 7 bourbon whiskey

We celebrate America’s native spirit on June 14, National Bourbon Day.

Certainly, this is a mainstream holiday more than worthy of celebrating. We definitely don’t need an excuse to enjoy a dram and a cocktail, but it’s great to have one at the ready anyway.

Of course, there are far too many labels out there for us to list and honor them all. So, we’ve chosen seven bottlings that span a decent range of prices.


$50 and Under

Evan Williams 1783 Small Batch (Kentucky), $20 SRP

Perhaps owing to their affordable prices, a lot of people tend to sleep on Evan Williams. However, their bottles routinely end up on bartender go-to lists. Their 1783 Small Batch pays homage to the year Williams founded Kentucky’s first distillery,

Wyoming Whiskey National Parks Limited Edition American Whiskey (Wyoming), $50 SRP

Are you and your guests big fans of our beautiful national parks? If so, Wyoming Whiskey National Parks Limited Edition is the perfect whiskey! This straight bourbon, which features Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park on its label, is a five-year-old, 92-proof homage to our natural resources. For every bottle sold, Wyoming Whiskey is donating $50 to the National Park Foundation.

$51 to $99

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked (Kentucky), $57 SRP

If you and your guests are looking for one of the smoothest expressions of Woodford, Double Oaked is the one. This whiskey starts its life as Distiller’s Select but receives a second barreling in virgin, charred-oak barrels. And Double isn’t smooth enough for you, there’s always Double Double

Russell’s Reserve 13 Year Bourbon (Kentucky), $69.99 SRP

The Russell’s Reserve label is part of the Wild Turkey portfolio and honors Master Distiller Jimmy Russell’s legacy. Master Distiller Eddie Russell is Jimmy’s son, has been producing whiskey for Wild Turkey for 40 years, and, like his father, is Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame inductee. The Russell’s Reserve 13 Year bottling is, of course, 13 years old, and it rings in at 114.8 proof.

Blood Oath Pact No. 7 (Kentucky), $99 SRP

The Blood Oath series is part of the Lux Row Distillers portfolio. Like Orphan Barrel releases, each Blood Oath release, known as a Pact, is highly sought after. In fact, if you don’t get your hands on one right away, the prices can double or more on the secondary market. Blood Oath Pact No. 7 is a blend of three Kentucky bourbons: one 14 year and two eight years.

$100 and Over

Heaven’s Door & Redbreast 10-Year Master Blenders’ Edition (Tennessee), $99.99 SRP

Alright, so this one is only a penny under $100—we’re rounding up for this one. As the name of this straight bourbon suggests, this is a collaboration between Bob Dylan’s Heaven’s Door and Redbreast Irish Whiskey. Master Blender’s Edition features 10-year-old Heaven’s Door bourbon given a 15-month finishing treatment in 12-year-old Redbreast casks.

Copper Tongue Orphan Barrel (Tennessee), $100 SRP

As with Lux Row Distillers releases, Orphan Barrel is highly sought after and highly collectible. Aficionados and fans in the know will go out of their way to score a dram if they can find it. Coppper Tongue will be no different, a 16-year-old, cask-strength straight bourbon weighing in at 89.8 proof. The distillery recommends enjoying it neat or, interestingly, with a slice of pear.

Image: Lux Row Distillers