by David Klemt

Taco Bell Racking Up Rewards Program Wins

by David Klemt

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Taco Bell, masters of the limited-time offer and loyalty program, continue to rack up wins with the return of a fan-favorite promotion, and more.

The fast-food giant operates more than 7,800 restaurants in the US alone. However, the company understands that sheer numbers aren’t enough to turn a profit.

Rather, Taco Bell continually proves they understand the power of promotions, loyalty, and LTOs.

The QSR routinely releases specialty items, then packs them away to generate buzz and traffic by making them available once again—for a limited time. Compellingly, Taco Bell also ties their LTOs to their loyalty program. Often times, the only way for guests to enjoy special perks and items is to be a Taco Bell Rewards member.

Not only does this help to engage existing members, this approach drives new program signups.

Case in point: the Taco Lover’s Pass.

National Taco Day Promotion

If you’re industry or a fan of Taco Bell, you should be aware of the Taco Lover’s Pass by now.

Tracing its genesis to 2021 in Arizona, the LTO pops up every now and then. In exchange for $10, those who grab a pass can get one free taco each day for 30 consecutive days.

Oh, and the pass is now only available via the Taco Bell app, and to members of the Taco Bell Rewards program. Again, this is an excellent way to boost engagement. Do guests want to take advantage of this LTO? Great—they’ll need to exchange their info and provide access to themselves to do so.

Normally, the Taco Lover’s Pass is available for purchase for just one day. However, this time around Taco Bell gave rewards members two days to snag one. This is likely due to a new menu item drop coming tomorrow.

For quite some time now, Taco Bell has been hinting that they’ll be making breakfast easier and better. And now we know how they plan to accomplish that goal.

Joining the Seasoned Beef Crunchy Taco, Seasoned Beef Crunchy Taco Supreme, Seasoned Beef Soft Taco, Seasoned Beef Soft Taco Supreme, Spicy Potato Soft Taco, Seasoned Beef Doritos® Locos Tacos, and Seasoned Beef Doritos® Locos Tacos Supreme on the Taco Lover’s Pass is the new Toasted Breakfast Taco.

Today, October 12 (a Taco Tuesday!), Taco Bell drops the Toasted Breakfast Taco, and holders of their coveted pass can grab one for free.

Clearly, Tuesdays are important to Taco Bell. Let’s not forget that they very publicly challenged the “Taco Tuesday” trademark, and very publicly celebrated its cancellation. So, launching an all-new item that will drive traffic to Taco Bell during the breakfast daypart makes perfect sense. The drop also further solidifies their branding and marketing.

Steal a Base…

…Steal a Taco. Not only is the Taco Lover’s Pass back, so is Taco Bell’s Major League Baseball promotion.

And, once again, it’s available only via the Taco Bell app, and only to Taco Bell Rewards members.

Focusing on the Fall Classic, “Steal a Base, Steal a Taco” is a collaboration between Taco Bell, the MLB, and Topps.

Starting October 27 (not a Tuesday), the first player to steal a base will earn the title Taco Hero. That player will also earn free Nacho Cheese Doritos® Locos Tacos for Taco Bell Rewards members.

Taking things further, however, is Topps. The iconic trading card brand has put a limited run of Topps TacoFractor cards into circulation. People who hold the card of the first player to steal a base during the 2023 World Series could win Taco Bell for life. For this promotion, that comes in the form of a digital $15,000 Taco Bell gift card.

Alternatively, the holders of Topps TacoFractor Wild Cards could win the big prize.

On October 10 (a Tuesday!), Taco Bell Rewards members will have the chance to score free Topps Chrome or Cosmic Chrome packs. This limited Tuesday Drop could lead to a Taco Hero card, which in turn can lead to winning Taco Bell for life.


Unquestionably, Taco Bell understands the power of marketing messaging, branding, promotions, and the LTO.

However, they also understand the need for loyalty and rewards programs to do more than just offer discounts and free menu items. A great loyalty program needs to be big, bold, and encourage constant engagement.

With that in mind, it’s more than likely time for most operators, regardless of size, to review and rethink their programs.

Image: Chad Stembridge on Unsplash

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